Hiring a personal trainer is the best way to meet your fitness goals. The sedentary lifestyle that most people lead today makes regular workouts very crucial for maintaining a semblance of fitness and health. However, many would agree that while starting on a well-planned exercise regimen might not be a concern for some and proves relatively easy, persisting with it is where the problem lies.

This is where the role of a personal trainer comes into play. Not only does their physical presence act as a source of constant motivation and encouragement, but it also keeps you fixated to a routine that is much needed to maintain your overall well-being.

What are some of the benefits

of having a personal trainer?

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  • Consistency: This is the key to getting success at anything. However, the fact is that most people find it extremely difficult to adhere to a program or a habit they started by forming excuses and avoidances. The presence of a trainer, however, changes the equation as it becomes difficult to dodge when you know someone is awaiting you in the gym.
  • Motivation: Having a trainer by your side eggs you on to achieve your target single-mindedly. A trainer also helps to keep you on a set plan, makes goals for you, and schedules a routine and a plan to meet those targets. 
  •  Focus on techniques: Often, trying to get to your goal in the shortest possible time can cause muscle damage and other injuries. Thus, the method is a crucial factor when you embark on your work out journey. A trainer can expertly guide you with the right movements and a program that fits your physiology perfectly. Moreover, if you are working out with a medical condition, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc., an experienced and knowledgeable trainer can guide you with a prudent and safe exercise routine.
  • See results: If you have been working out for time now, but have not been able to gain results in terms of losing substantial weight or reach your goals, hiring a personal trainer might be a good idea. You might be focusing on the wrong techniques or exercises which a trainer can rectify. For instance, you might have been focusing too much on cardiovascular exercises to lose weight, but might have needed strength and core training in addition to it. Only a trainer can help you make these decisions.

How to hire the right Personal Trainer for you

Follow the below guidelines, but above all, trust your instinct when it comes to choosing a personal trainer. The vibe you receive, the compatibility you share, and the comfort and inspiration you get in their presence should be as much a criterion, as the knowledge and experience, he/she might have.

  • Check for credentials

 An accomplished trainer must be able to show you their fitness certification in their designated area of expertise. This must include a certificate stating that they have passed an exam through an accredited organization such as NASM, NCCPT, etc. They should also have a complete AED/ CPR certification. 

  • Look for other signs

When selecting a personal trainer, look for the right attitude and physical fitness of the person. A person not pursuing fitness themselves is highly unlikely to motivate you towards improvement. A trainer is expected to lead by example and thus should ideally be one that leads a healthy lifestyle themselves.

  • See if they ask questions

A trainer needs to know his client well to design the best program schedule for them, and to know them. He should ask you questions such as your daily routine, food habits as well as medical history. 

  • Keep a record of your performance

Ensure your trainer takes measurements and keeps a regular record of data of your progress. This will help analyze areas that need improvement, further work, a different approach, etc. 

  • Nutrition experts

A good trainer will always balance exercise with diet. They should be able to advise on proper nutrition that will help you not only improve but also stay in great shape. 

  • Positive and motivating 
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A personal trainer is someone you will be spending quality time with regularly. So, the disposition of the person should be such that you look forward to the session. Hence you should look for someone with a positive outlook and who will motivate and encourage you towards achieving your goals. 

Hiring a personal trainer could be an expensive affair. So keep the costs in mind while hiring one and assess whether it is in keeping with your current finances. 

Mistakes to avoid while hiring a personal trainer

  • Not sharing your specific goals with your trainer
  • Not checking on his areas of expertise or other credentials
  • Settling before having a trial session
  • Not having a fitness goal
  • Hiring somebody who promises miracles
  • Selecting someone who doesn’t ask about your medical history, pre-existing injuries, etc.

The criteria discussed above are simply guidelines. When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, trust your gut feeling. Look for one with whom your wavelength matches and somebody who will keep you feeling motivated, inspired, and comfortable throughout your sessions.

Ensure the trainer provides you with an exercise program, not just exercises. Fitness is not only a physical concept but also, and more importantly, a mental state.
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