Music to an event is what fuel is to an engine: it moves the event forward—celebrating a birthday? Music injects life and soul into the party. Are you planning a wedding reception? Music sets feet tapping and couples dancing. Music sets a somber tone for a funeral. Music can make you reflective; it can make you dance, and that is what you should be doing when you celebrate. A professional DJ can make your event lively and memorable like no one else.

A playlist and a home music system

The easiest way to set up music for your event is to put together your favorite tracks, compile a playlist, and then set up your home theater or music system to play it. You and your friends can have an enjoyable time is what you assume. After all, a DJ costs money. You may think it is better to spend that money on food and drinks…but, wait a minute. Do you know what you are missing by not having a DJ for your event? No, it is not a prestige issue. A music player playing your selection of tracks is not the same as a DJ, as you will see when you hire one. The difference is similar to the difference between plain gasoline and high octane nitro fuel for your party. 

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Types of DJs

A DJ is a guy you hire to play music. That is a simple definition. They do more and will set the pace and tone of the event. However, select a DJ to suit the occasion because there are different types of DJs. And you need to decide on the kind of DJ you want depending upon the nature of your party. The major types of DJs are:

The music producer DJ

The music producer DJ stands apart. Such DJs write and produce music. They may do so electronically or with the help of a band. They may help bands and artists create and publish music. If you want something original, not the top of the chart raps for your party, then the music producer DJ is the one to look for. They may be expensive because they have talent. As music artists would put it: “We have ways of making you dance.”

Radio DJ

Radio DJs, as the term suggests, play music on radio stations. Trust them to be one up on what is the latest and what rocks or rolls. Yep, they have a talent for talk and can mix conversation with music, effortlessly switching from one track to the other and raising the tempo of your party. 

The turntable DJ

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DJs did start with turntables back in the days of suitable old vinyl when there was no other choice. It has become something of a tricky thing these days to hire turntable DJs who bring along a couple of DJs and a wagon load of vinyl records, scratches and all. Vinyl is unbeatable for one thing: you can lift the arm and then place it in the middle of another track and then switch to another turntable. One moment you have a sweet, sad song playing, and the other moment it is boom blast that knocks you off your feet. Oh, by the way, they are good at talking too and can pep you up should your spirits start to flag. 

The itinerant DJ or mobile DJ

All types of DJs stated above put down roots. The mobile DJ floats about, completing one event, possibly in one city, and then moving on to another. The nature of their work makes them versatile and capable. They also have the experience to gauge people, the mood, and choose music. Plus, they know how to draw in audiences and get them to make requests for favorite tracks. It becomes interactive with a mobile DJ. You will find a few fluids and dynamic mobile DJs listed here. 

Why hire a DJ at all?

You could have a friend take care of the music equipment and play tracks one after the other or upon request. That is not what a DJ does. He talks, listens, and observes. He senses the mood of the people and the party. It is like a guitarist. A DJ can squeeze dulcet mellow tones out of the instrument and can thrum it in a frenzy of screeching, rasping guitar play that pierces you to the gut. DJs know about music genres, artists, and lyrics and use these as tools to manipulate moods. If a party is fizzling out, they will choose tracks that re-energize everyone. If they have played a couple of fast-paced, high octane stuff, then they give everyone a breather by delivering a soft, slow romantic tune. 

DJs do more. They make music interactive. For instance, they can pick someone from the party and call them to the mike for a brief talk. They can joke. Everyone laughs, and that spread happiness. 

Find the DJ of your choice right here. We have hundreds listed in this directory. Find one and let your event explode and remain memorable for all time. 

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