‘Massage’ is a common buzzword these days, especially for those who wish to live a healthy life and achieve a higher level of wellness and relaxation. The kneading strokes and mild pressure applied to your body, face, and head during a massage can help you in the following ways:

  • Can boost your blood circulation 
  • Can relax your tensed muscle knots
  • Can relieve joint stiffness
  • Can aid in healthy lymphatic drainage
  • Can increase Serotonin levels & relieve stress
  • Can help in removal of toxins
  • Can help you sleep better
  • Can promote fat metabolism

Reports reveal that more and more Americans are turning to massage as a way to boost their energy levels and get rid of stress. Massage industry has seen explosive growth in the States over the past decade, and the demand for massages and masseurs have been escalating remarkably. Also, another common trend among people is to opt for in-home massage services. This trend is prevalent worldwide and not in the United States alone. Often it happens that after returning tired from a hectic day at work or after a stressful week, you do not wish to drive to a massage center or spa salon to meet your pre-scheduled massage appointment. The very thought of it may make you feel repulsive and lazy!

In such a case, the only option you are left with is to call a masseur home and get the massage done in the comfort of your home.

How can an in-home massage benefit you?

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Minimizes Time Wastage

You can get the massage done as per your preferred schedule. You don’t have to wait for your turn to come and wait endlessly at a traffic jam. That saves much of your precious time. As soon as the masseur arrives, you can get down to your business.

Rejuvenates you to the very core

Home is, of course, the place where you feel most comfortable. If you wish to rejuvenate and unwind in the real sense of the term, a home should be the ideal venue for rejuvenating massage therapy. Massage at home can extend the relaxation benefits from massage as you will not have to drive back home after a massage and can go for a warm bath or a nap right after the massage.

Allows your body to prepare aptly for the massage

Relaxing spa ambience
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When you get massaged, your body cells get activated, your metabolism starts racing, and many more things start happening within your body. So, a preparatory time is needed by your body to get adapted to the processes that massage can trigger. Thus, you should not drive before and after a massage session. However, if you have an appointment at a massage parlor, you cannot avoid that…you can avoid it only if you opt for massage therapy at home.

Helps you get personalized attention

When a professional masseur comes home to give you a massage, his or her attention is pinned on you alone. There will be no distractions as there will be no other customers waiting impatiently for their turn to come. So, the masseur will be able to give you personalized attention after considering your personal needs and preferences.

Gives you a quality massage

A masseur who comes home to provide you with a massage will generally handle 3-4 clients per day while a masseur at the massage parlor will handle as many as seven clients in a day. So, at a parlor, the masseurs will always be in a hurry and that can lower the quality of their service. But when you receive massage therapy at home, you’ll experience the superior quality of massage.

Can get extra hours of massage

In-home massage can let you get extra hours of massage if you wish. Since the masseur usually handles fewer clients, he or she will be able to devote some extra hours for you.

Who can opt for an in-home massage?

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Basically, anyone can opt for an in-home massage.

  • A working professional returning home after a hectic day’s work can book a personalized massage to unwind, relax, and rejuvenate.
  • Couples who wish to get massaged side by side in complete privacy can opt for an in-home massage.
  • Aged people or those with debilitating injuries, health issues, aches, and pains can opt for in-home massage as they’ll have difficulty traveling to a massage parlor.
  • Pregnant women who are in an advanced stage of pregnancy or new moms who have a baby latching on to them most of the time can opt for in-home massage service as traveling to a massage parlor would be something quite impossible in their circumstance.

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