Lawns can make a fantastic ‘green’ addition to your property. Lawns carpeted with lush green grass and dotted with flowering shrubs, trees, etc. enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. Also, a well cared for lawn can make a beautiful place for your kids to play for your family to relax and can increase the value of your property too.

 A healthy lawn can even enrich the surroundings; the environment and can also offer excellent protection against soil erosion, floods, etc. But, lawns need daily care and maintenance. Having a yard and then forgetting entirely about it will do no good.

 An uncared-for yard may eventually come to look more like a ‘wilderness’ and may disfigure the beauty of your property. To keep your garden in good shape and make it look great, you need to undertake the following maintenance activities on a day-to-day basis:


Mowing is an essential aspect of lawn care. You have to cut the grasses short from time to time, and that’s what mowing is all about. Mowing helps in deeper root penetration, enhances turfgrass density, and also improves the lawn’s resistance against environmental stresses and annoying weed growth.


Routine trimming of bushes and shrubs growing in your lawn can help you maintain the beauty of the bushes and shrubs. When you trim, make sure to remove all dead branches, dry leaves, and witted twigs and also make sure to give the hedge or shrub a tapering top and a broad base. 

Weed control

Pesky wild plants often grow in your lawn and destroy its beauty. These unwanted plants or ‘Weeds’ are generally stubborn. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, weeds will inevitably come back. Weeds often consume much of the nutrients your other plants and grasses would need for healthy growth. Therefore, the de-weeding from time to time is very necessary.


Lawn aeration done

Aeration of lawn allows it to absorb water, air, and nutrients in a much better way. Aeration also helps in the proper balancing of the oxygen & carbon dioxide at the root region. Strong roots, improved shoot density, the improved impact of fertilization, improved airflow, and water movements into the compacted soil are the other benefits of aeration. Thus, aeration is a vital part of lawn care.


The lawn bed needs to be well prepared before you expect to see it turn lush green with dense foliage. Adding enough nutrients to the soil for the grasses, trees, plants, and bushes to feed on is a vital part of yard bed preparation, and that can happen through the use of fertilizers. The fertilizers you use on your lawn should consist of nutrients like Potassium, Phosphorus, and Nitrogen. 

Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is essential, or else too many fallen leaves collecting in the lawn area may eventually become matted and turn into a habitat for various types of allergens.

Power seeding

Choosing the right mix of healthy seeds and sowing seeds with the help of specialized pieces of equipment can improve the germination rate of the seeds giving your lawn a healthy, thick, and productive turf in just no time.

Lawn PH Balancing

The soil of your lawn area needs to be slightly acidic to allow healthy growth of grass and plants. ‘PH’ is the term used to determine the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. If the PH balance is inappropriate, the plants, trees, and grass growing will not get an adequate supply of nutrients. So, you need to check the Ph and use materials like Sulfur & Lime to correct any Ph imbalance.

Pest and Insect control

Lawns often become home to certain unwanted insects and pests that could prove quite harmful for the grass and foliage growing in your yard. These unwanted critters can invade and destroy the lawn in just a couple of days. To save your yard from them, you have to use the right kind of insecticides and pesticides that can keep these creatures at bay and allow healthy growth of your garden.

A lawn is the gem of your outdoor space and is a look enhancer for your house or office. Proper care can give you the yard of your dreams. Caring for your garden is an ongoing and tedious process and sucks in much of your time and energy. If you think you don’t have enough time to devote, you can always call the pros. Visit our platform and explore the various lawn care services listed with us. You can choose anyone and get a great lawn in just no time!

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