There are advantages to buying furniture that can be knocked down and assembled. Americans keep moving from one place to another, and furniture that can be assembled and disassembled proves to be a great convenience. You can shop online on Amazon or IKEA or buy from Walmart and get the furniture delivered to your doorstep. Putting it together is a DIY job since you almost always get instructions on assembly. However, it is better to leave it to people with professional furniture assembly experience.

It’s just nuts and bolts

Getting a drawer assemble
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Furniture assembly is a DIY process. You need a screwdriver, spanner set, and pliers to put store-bought furniture together in your home. An hour or so is all you need. However, it is not just a matter of putting together the nuts and bolts. You have to consider various factors influencing the assembly of furniture. Furniture can be something as simple as a table or something quite as complicated as a kitchen wall or below the counter assembly. There is a method to the assembly in which it is essential to follow the right sequence. You may be surprised to know, but there is also a method of tightening screws or nuts and bolts. You cannot let them remain loose; otherwise, the screws or bolts are likely to come off. Tightening too much could create unnecessary stress and cause bending.

Care and safety

We have enlisted professionals who are experts in furniture assembly. It is a meticulous process that requires considerable skill in the sequencing of assembly. There is also a need to exercise care about safety. You do not want a sofa put together that will fall apart and possibly harm you.


Furniture must be put together with the help of screws, nuts and bolts and brackets or other hardware. One has to be accurate while assembling furniture to ensure that all the right bits and parts go together, and nothing is left out. It is a fact that first time DIYers are likely to forget something or use the wrong screws or set of bolts. People with professional furniture assembly experience who appear on our list are vetted, experienced, and reliable. You can trust them to be meticulous while assembling your expensive furniture.

Operation and looks Of A professional furniture assembly

Dining set getting assembled
Prices for dining set assembly

Drawers in tables, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets must be put together just right, well-aligned to ensure smooth operation. Alignment is necessary to achieve perfect symmetry and balance in the furniture, whether it is a table or a sofa. It becomes even more critical in complicated furniture like kitchen cabinets with plenty of drawers and racks. If the furniture covers the wall, as is usual in kitchens and bedrooms, then the accurate fitting is essential. This ensures that all components are aligned with each other. Alignment also has another positive impact in that when everything fits together precisely, and then you observe an evenness that imparts exquisite looks.


A table, chair, or sofa can be assembled anywhere and then put in place. However, wall furniture requires training to check for parallelism and right angles. Professional furniture assemblers measure walls and carefully mark the position where the furniture must be fixed. They prepare a plan and proceed accordingly. People with peofessional furniture assembly exoerience get everything right in the first attempt because they work to a plan based on their skills, knowledge, and experience. You get perfection that translates to enchanting beauty. A rookie is likely to scratch the immaculate surfaces and mar looks. This never happens with experts in charge of furniture assembly. You may buy from IKEA or Walmart or may choose more sophisticated and exquisite furniture custom made to suit your interiors from top Italian and German brands. Assembly is vital to bring the design to completion.


One of Murphy’s Law states that everything takes longer than you expect. If you think you can assemble your furniture in half an hour, be sure to spend more time because you may fit something the wrong way around, and you have to disassemble and reassemble. Professionals have an experience that helps them to complete the task of furniture assembly in record time. If you want furniture assembled fast and at the time that suits you best, then pick one from the list shown on our site.


Americans love to change jobs and the cities they live in, so you will likely want furniture disassembled when it is time to move. Call experts in furniture disassembly and assembly. You can pick furniture experts who will offer to disassemble and pack your furniture for transport. You may even find someone who will disassemble here in your city and assemble it in your new home. Your furniture will not have a scratch during the disassembly and assembly process. Plus, you get a great quote when both services are combined, and you are relieved of the headache of finding someone suitable. We list the best furniture assemblers for your convenience.

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