Maids are indeed a great helping hand. When you find it challenging to manage your household chores all by yourself, a professional maid can help. In a household, there will be sundry tasks to attend to, such as cleaning, cooking, caring for kids, dish-washing, vacuuming, doing laundry, feeding pets, and the like.

Sometimes it becomes pretty challenging to manage all tasks with perfection. If you have a busy professional life, things may become all the more difficult. In such a situation, maids can be your ultimate savior. Apart from domestic help, maids are also primarily hired for housekeeping in hotels and hospitals.

However, you need to keep certain things in mind while hiring a professional maid. Read on to learn more:

Check whether the professional maid is bonded or insured

Hiring a maid means they’ll come into your household to do their job. You are at risk of thefts because the maid you allow into your house is, after all, a stranger. So, make sure to hire a maid who is bonded and insured. That will offer you optimum protection against mishaps and theft.

Inquire about her training & experience

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Before hiring a maid, you need to find out how much ‘trained’ she is. Hiring an untrained, naive maid who is but new to the profession will only add to your stress. The reason is that you’ll have to be after her and explain to her every little thing. On the other hand, if you have hired an experienced, well-trained maid, you can sit back and relax as she understands her job well!

Assess your needs first

If your household needs to care all day long, especially when there’s a kid or elderly in the house, you need to hire a full-time maid rather than a part-timer. So, assess your needs first and then go on to employ the maid as per your needs.

Check with the maid’s previous customers

Ask for customer references. Maid service or an individual maid who is confident about her job will not hesitate to give the recommendations. You can call up her previous customers to inquire about her work efficiency and knowledge.

Don’t forget to interview the potential candidates

Interview the potential candidates before signing the final agreement with anyone. During the interview, ask the candidates about their skills and training, years of experience, and their documents as well. The three essential documents they need to produce are Training Certificate, Identity proof, and Registration Certificate.

A maid who has these three documents among her credentials is likely to be an efficient and reliable maid. Furthermore, while interviewing, don’t forget to ask the maid some situational questions like what she would do if a toddler in the house accidentally ingests one of her cleaning solutions or what she would do if the stove suddenly catches fire. If she can satisfactorily answer these questions, you’ll know that she is smart, sharp-witted, and is capable of handling emergencies with dexterity.

Decide on the kind of maid you need

Decide on the type of maid you wish to hire. Both maid service and individual maid have their pros and cons. When you hire a maid from a Maid Agency, you can be assured that the maid will be insured and will offer you a secured service. Maids from a maid agency often bring their cleaning supplies and use industry-grade cleaners to make sure that the reputation of the organization is maintained. Individual maids, on the other hand, may not bring their cleaning supplies and may not always have documents in place to prove the quality of their service. So, if you are planning to hire an individual maid, you must employ them based on references offered to you from your circle of acquaintance. Those who have already used the service of that particular maid in question can give you the best and unbiased review about her service quality. However, one good thing that makes individual maids score over the agency maids is that they will have more attention to details and will handle the job with a personal touch.

Hiring a professional maid is crucial, and if you can do it the right way, you can get the best helping hand to depend on. Explore our listings to make your best pick!

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