Getting a tattoo done is very much on trend these days. It has become a part of one’s style and a reflection of one’s personality. There are uncountable tattoo styles for you to choose from. Tattooing as body art was popularized by renowned artists like Sailor Jerry, and the images etched consisted of bold lines, restricted color palette, and iconic American pictorials like Flags, Eagles, Roses, etc. If you have decided on having a cool tattoo drawn on your body, you need to consider certain things. Read below:

Location of the Tattoo matters

You need to have your tattoo on the area that stays exposed most of the time like the upper arm, wrist, lower arm, upper back, around shoulder blades, etc. Tattoos on these places will grab attention and will tell the world who you are. While deciding on the placement of the tattoo, you need to keep two things in mind. Firstly, tattoos done on certain areas of the body like feet or hands, fade faster than those on other parts. Secondly, tattooing on areas like your ribs, neck, ankles, feet, and back of the knees can be quite painful. So, re-think your decision if you had decided to get it done on any of these areas.

You need to have pain tolerance too

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Tattooing can be quite painful, and you must be mentally prepared for that. How would you feel if you are poked with a needle a thousand times? Well, a tattoo artist will do it on you when you have decided to get yourself tattooed. It will puncture your skin, again and again, to insert the dye into the deeper layers of your skin. So, test your pain tolerance before going for a tattoo. If you think your pain tolerance is not as high as it should be, take 1-2 Tylenol before heading for the tattoo.

Chances of post-tattoo infection are there

After-care is very important once you have got the tattoo on your skin. Don’t touch that area with dirty hands. Always wash and sanitize your hands prior to touching the tattooed area. Dirty hands may cause an infection. Forget about hot bath, shower, swimming for a few days. These activities may irritate the skin and cause an infection. Keep the area well moisturized with a medicated, fragrance-free cream. Dr. Joshua Zeichner of Mount Sinai Hospital (New York) advises one to apply an antibiotic cream such as Bacitracin on the tattooed area. That’ll keep germs away from your tattoo and will allow it to heal fast. 

Removing tattoos can be difficult & expensive

Don’t be fickle-minded. If you have decided on getting the tattoo, don’t change your mind once it is done. It may be very difficult to remove a tattoo. Going for a laser removal is the only way out, and the procedure is expensive enough to rend big holes in your pocket!

Weigh the Pros and Cons

Getting a tattoo done is a big thing as it is a permanent body art that is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. So, don’t make a hasty decision. Weigh the pros and cons thoroughly prior to booking an appointment with your tattoo artist. What if you don’t like the design after a few years? What if you start hating your tattooed part later & wish to remove it? Remember, tattoos are likely to be permanent, and trying to remove a tattoo may put you through another painful process that’s expensive at the same time.

Tattoos don’t heal instantly

If you expect that your tattooed area will heal on the very day you have done it, you are wrong. The tattooed area may take nearly two weeks to heal completely. After you have done the tattoo, you must be observant enough and keep a tab on the healing process. If you see a few scabs or notice skin peeling off at the tattooed area, don’t be nervous. It’s natural and is an indication that the healing process has started. But, if the tattooed area becomes smelly, painful, and gives off some kind of discharge, don’t lose a minute, rush to the doctor as your tattoo may be infected!

Research on the tattoo artist

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Don’t just select any tattoo artist randomly. Tattooing is complex, and the artist needs to be experienced enough. He or she must be capable of guiding you towards choosing the right design. Secondly, he or she must use sterilized needles and maintain a sterilized environment while offering her service. So, ask for recommendations from someone who has got a tattoo already. Research on the artist’s background and check for his or her years of experience prior to making an appointment with the artist.

Cheap is not always the best

The cost of tattooing depends on the style and intricacy of the design. The average per hour cost of tattooing in the U.S is around $120 – $150. Tattoo artists who are beginners may charge a little less, around $80. But shaky, inexperienced hands may give you a clumsy and slouchy tattoo. So, cheap is not always the best.

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