You did it! You decided to schedule your professional carpet cleaning. Now it’s time to get to work.

Wait… didn’t we just say you hired a pro to clean?

Yep; but that doesn’t mean your only responsibility is opening the door to let them in. There are a few preparations that need to be made before the big day to ensure your appointment is efficient and thorough.


Before the workers arrive, dust each room from top to bottom. Corresponding your carpet cleaning with other maintenance and chores can result in an immaculate space. After all, anything that falls to the carpet is about to get cleaned anyway so you may as well dust now. If you don’t have time for all that, simply wipe down the baseboards with a wet cloth.


Some cleaners will vacuum the rooms before they steam clean, while others will expect the homeowner to do it. Call your cleaning company before they arrive to ask if this is necessary. Even if it isn’t, a little extra vacuuming never hurts.


You will need to remove any fragile items or other knick-knacks from shelves, tables, bookcases, etc. Even if you think it’s “out of the way enough,” you should still move it. Better to be safe than sorry. Speaking of playing it safe, now might be a good time to put away valuable items.


Knowing where your water hookups are before your appointment will get things off to an efficient start. Ask the company if there are any other requirements and what sort of connections your cleaner might need.


Clear a space as close to the door as possible. Professional carpet cleaners don’t use the same steamers that you might buy commercially. Their equipment includes cords and hoses hundreds of feet long that run from inside your home to the central mechanism in the van. Getting them close to the door is important to ensure cleaning for every room of your home.


Since equipment will be running through your home, it’s a good idea to protect baseboards and corners. Painter’s tape is a great choice for covering woodwork and edges to avoid marks made by rubbing. Use mats or towels to protect flooring.


Your carpets need to be as clear as possible from small and medium-sized items. Move lamps, trash cans, and plants off the floor. Medium size and weight items such as side tables, ottomans, and small chairs can be placed in other rooms. Some cleaning companies will move large furniture, but you can often save money by having only high traffic areas cleaned.


Pet staining carpet

Pets are not safe around carpet cleaning machinery and your door will be wide open to let in the hoses, so all dogs, cats, or other loose animals should be safely confined to areas that aren’t being cleaned. Send your precious pooch or fearless feline to the groomer or on a play date.


After your cleaning, the carpets will need time to dry properly. Don’t schedule a large cocktail party or family reunion for the same day as your carpet cleaning. You may want to avoid walking on the carpet at all for the first six hours. Maintain minimal use for about 24 hours to ensure complete dryness.

Contact a trusted professional service for all your needs.

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