“Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

Although it is a very common saying that looks don’t matter and you should not judge anyone by their looks. However, the reality is a bit different-looks does matter. Grooming is essential not only for self-confidence but to present yourself in the best light when you go out in public. If you don’t brush your hair or dress up casually for a business meeting, this will create an impression that you don’t care about anything.

Grooming is developing your appearance through cleansing, dressing, and self-care. When you go to work, you take the time to dress up according to your office dress code requirement. Even when you go out for a party or a get-together, you wear the best of your clothes. However, wearing the right clothes is just one aspect of grooming. Maintaining personal hygiene and having a healthy body is also essential.

Difference between grooming and dress code 

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There is not much difference between grooming guidelines and the dress code policy. In fact, both should complement each other. To simplify, your grooming standards should match your dress code by addressing the personal hygiene issues beyond clothing.

Dress code is more concerned about what is worn on the body. While grooming is more about applications and adaptations to the body itself.

Reasons why grooming is a must for everyone

  • Personal grooming is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way while keeping the focus on personal hygiene and cleanliness. The way you treat yourself speaks volumes about who you are. People who uphold high levels of neatness and are properly groomed appear to be well-organized in their work as well. 
  • Being well-groomed demonstrates your ability to take the utmost care of yourself. This helps in creating a positive impression. On the other hand, if you do not care about personal grooming, then people might wonder that if you cannot take proper care of yourself, how would you take care of your work/business.
  • It is essential to know that typically first impression is often considered as the last impression. It is always a good idea to turn-up nicely and look presentable while meeting someone, maybe for work or just networking. This could be a vital factor in transforming your career path. 
  • Both colleagues and clients like well-groomed people. If you can manage to look presentable while handling hectic schedules and heavy work pressure, people would believe that you have the quality to manage time as well.

Grooming tips for both men and women

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Nowadays, grooming is not only limited to women. Even men prioritize self-care and beauty services. However, the percentage of men spending on grooming services is still less than women, but manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and facials are in demand. Men of all ages are looking to take better care of their skin. Most men are going for facials, especially before an important event. 

Here are a few grooming tips for both and men and women

  • Hygiene is the most crucial aspect of grooming. People are typically judged harshly if their hygiene levels are not up to the mark. Go for regular manicures and pedicures, and with professional services available online, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to visit the salon.
  • Take care of your hair- Get a haircut that you can manage. Invest some time in taking care of your hair like oil massages, spa, etc. However, if you can’t afford to take out time, then booking for professional grooming services would be a great idea.
  • Body hair can be an issue- Get rid of unwanted hair on the face, neck, chin, etc. You may use a body groomer or book online services of trained beauty professionals for waxing or hair removal treatment.
  • Eyebrows- threading is something that needs to be done regularly. Well-shaped eyebrows give your face a neater look.
  • Face cleaning- Blackheads, and zits happen to almost everyone. Take some time to scrub your face to make your skin look renewed and fresher while it also helps in decreasing the blackheads and zits. Alternatively, you can call for a service of professional groomers who can do facial scrubbing for you and remove all the blackheads while you relax at the comfort of your home.

It is not necessary to look like a movie star, but it is essential to be well-groomed to show that you don’t take yourself for granted. Spending some time on yourself to look and smell good will not only give you an edge over the rest, but you will also feel good about yourself.

Effective grooming is integral.

A dress code will often fall short if it doesn’t compliment personal grooming. Even the smartest three-piece suit won’t make up for good hygiene. Grooming is a must for everyone and especially if you are working. It boosts your image and self-esteem. Irrespective of what profession you are in, you must pay attention to personal grooming. Whether it is facial, makeup, oil massages, waxing, hair care, nail enhancements, pedicures, etc. there are various ways you could give a boost to your looks and overall personality.

However, with busy work schedules and lack of time, we often take personal grooming for granted. But now your grooming needs can be taken care of by professionals. You can schedule an appointment with a grooming professional at www.talktobruno.com and get the best services at your doorstep.

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