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Talk To Bruno - Members / Customers

Over 500 Pre-Priced Services

We offer services like, haircut, makeup, manicure,car washes, house cleaning, electricians, plumbers, handyman, hvac, carpet cleaning, and much more.

All with upfront prices and to be done at your place of choice. You can schedule it using our free Talk To Bruno app or on the web.

How to do it? It's simple-

Select the services you need

Compare and choose local pros and prices

Choose your day and time, we come to you

Please make sure you use a mobile number, it will be needed for verification purposes. We keep it safe and we don't share it.

Job Flow

You can schedule services online or using our free Talk To Bruno app.

You can create an account using your basic information, email, cellphone or sign up using Google or Facebook.

Book services from the website directly, or using the Talk To Bruno app.

It's a pretty easy flow-

For example, if you click on Barbers and Beauty, a list of services offered under that section will appear, such as haircuts, makeup, nails, etc.

After entering your zip code a list of Talk To Bruno Partners will be displayed. You can now compare pros, prices and more details.

Now choose the Partner to perform the work, the date and time.


After requesting your service, we will keep you informed by emails and text messages.

You can track, text or call our Partner using our secure masked number from the Talk To Bruno app.

If there is a need to change anything you can do so by visiting the My Bookings section on our app or on the web, don't forget, you can always reach out to us.

Partner might need to take a before and after picture to ensure things are documented properly.

Everything is backed by our VIP 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you decide to share Talk To Bruno with family and friends, visit the Invite My Friends section, from the web or app and earn money sharing your personal code.

Payments and charges

Ok, we made it easy. Our prices are fully disclosed online like no one elses. You will only be charged after the completion of the services.

How do you pay? We are a 100% cashless platform, all transactions are done via credit card.

Currently we utilize Stripe as our payment gateway. It means that we don't keep or share any of your financial information with third parties.

Stripe is largely recognized as one of the safest payment processing companies in the world. Headquartered in San Francisco, Stripe has 14 global offices, you are in good company.

The last step wil be a simple email that includes your recepit and an invitation to share your experience with us.

Remember, when you need anything done, just Talk To Bruno.

Talk to Bruno - Partners / Service Providers

Partners - Service Providers

Hi, we're glad that you are here. We are the only place that will allow service providers like yourself to create an account, list your services and prices completely free of charge or commissions.

Currently, we are offering over 500 services and adding more on a weekly basis. In a rare case that the services you offer are not listed, please create your account and send us a note. We will do our best to integrate it as soon as possible, if it meets our guidelines.

Some of the services currently offered varies from barbers and beauticians to car wash, house cleaning, home repairs and personal trainers.

For you to become a Partner (service provider), you will need to create an account. You can signup on the Talk To Bruno app or from the web, using either Google or Facebook or by entering your basic information like, name, mobile number, and email address.

Please use a mobile number since a text message will be sent for verification purposes. We keep things safe.


During your onboarding is critical that you take your time and complete your profile as best as you can. Pictures, information about yourself, availability to work, services offered and your prices. Remember, we don't charge you any fees or commissions and customers are able to compare your prices against other local service providers. Keep that in mind so don't price yourself out of work.

After an account is created, you will see the documents required, based on your location and the type of services you are offering.

We are a 100% cashless platform. You will have to set up your own Stripe account to receive direct deposits. Stripe is largely recognized as one of the safest payment processing companies in the world, handling billions of dollars every year around the globe.

You will be redirected to our platform after finalizing your Stripe account. You will have access to your own Stripe dashboard to follow your transactions all the way to your bank.

Our current pay out is 2 days, also daily payout is available depending on your financial institution.


Now you need to select your availability and your service location with a few clicks on the screen. Establishing when and where you want to perform your services (you can manage that from your dashboard).

This is a very important part that you need to keep an eye on it so customers can actually request you when you are available, easily manageable from the app or web.

On the next step you need to set the prices for the services you will be offering, it's click and edit it. Remember, customers can and will compare your prices.

We can't stress this enough, those are jobs you will be receiving free of marketing costs and no commissions so your prices must be competitive since our model is an open market.

After completion of the above steps, your account will be reviewed by Talk To Bruno and you will be notified of your status. You can always check on the app or web your current status.

Accepting Jobs

Upon approval, you will start showing up on searches and can start accepting job requests.

When receiving a job request, you will be notified by text message and can easily access the service details on the Talk To Bruno app.

Upon acceptance of the service(s), you can stay in touch with Members (customers) via the app with texts, and calls.

You must change the project status with simple clicks on the app (arrived, started, completed). You will be able to take pictures before starting the project to document any pre-existing conditions or to be used on your gallery to promote your services.

After completion of the services, payment is automatically collected from Members through Stripe and your money is on its way to your bank. Steps above must be completed to avoid delays on payments.

You can review and be reviewed. You will receive an auto generated email with transaction details.

Remember, when you need anything done, just Talk To Bruno.

Are You a Service Provider? Become a Partner

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