Member and Partner Safety



We take the safety of all Talk To Bruno Members and Partners very seriously.  We do everything we can to verify our Partners’ identity and skills before they gain access to our platform.  


At the end of the day, we want every Partner and Member to feel safe when using our marketplace.


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Safety for Members


As a Member, you can rest easy.  Our Partners go through an extensive screening process before a partnership status is granted.


You can take additional steps to maintain your safety by only working with Partners who have completed their online profile.  Check for authentic photos. Read reviews by other Members, etc.


And remember: If you need something, you can reach Talk To Bruno by contacting our team at  It’s that simple.


Safety for Partners


Partners should always take precautions when interacting with Talk To Bruno members because we can’t restrict our platform from the public at large.  


Be sure to populate the emergency contacts in our Apps, you can enter up to 5. 


As always, contact our support team at to report any suspicious behavior.


What to Do If You Don’t Feel Safe


Make sure you take the time to get familiar with the safety features built into our App.


Not only can you tap and reach your emergency contacts, but also a direct link with local law enforcement is installed.


We take the safety and wellbeing of every Member and Partner seriously, and we’re committed to doing our part to help our community stay safe.


Our team wants to know if you ever feel unsafe using Talk To Bruno.  


Contact our team at if you have additional questions.


We want to know about it.

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