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Talk To Bruno offers a referral program to our Members because we know that top-quality services are hard to come by.  Our Members expect the best, and we want to deliver.


Our referral program allows Members like you to be rewarded when friends and family join Talk To Bruno and complete service transactions with our Partners.


But that’s not all.  You can also make money when inviting a Partner to Talk To Bruno.  Every potential partner needs to go through our vetting process to ensure that they can provide top-quality services.  If they’re accepted, you’ll be rewarded when they complete their first job.


How It Works


Here’s how to invite a new Member or Partner to Talk To Bruno:


1.  Send an invitation to your friends and family members through our mobile app.


2.  We’ll send a text invitation to sign up.


3.  Members can join immediately, but Partners will need to go through our vetting process.


4.  Once your invitee completes a service — either as a Member or a Partner — you’ll receive a $20 payout through your account.


Help Us Make Talk To Bruno Even Better


We understand that Talk To Bruno is built on relationships between Members, Partners, and other Members.


Help us make Talk To Bruno even better by inviting new Members to use Partner services and by inviting experts to participate in our Partner platform.


You’ll make Talk To Bruno even better with every invitation you send.

Always remember, when you need anything...

Just Talk to Bruno!

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